50 Years of Motorcycle Customization

by Zach Ness
June 29, 2016 Be the first to comment
Celebrating 50 Years Moto Experts
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What is your favorite customization style? Why do you like it?


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Zach Ness

Zach Ness is a motorcycle designer and entrepreneur born of chopper royalty—grandson of Arlen Ness and son of Cory Ness. He carries a legacy, but Zach is creating his own path. In 2013, he teamed up with National Geographic Channel for the television series “Let It Ride” where he and his crew built one-of-a-kind dream machines. Zach is a spokesman and design consultant for Victory Motorcycles along with other well-known motorcycle related companies. He spends most of his time currently designing the Arlen Ness product line with his dad, Cory.

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