Tips on Cleaning a Rusty Gas Tank

by Rick Fairless
June 17, 2016 2 Comments
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Have you ever tried to clean rust out of a gas tank? How did it go?



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Tips on Cleaning a Rusty Gas Tank

Throw a few cups of diesel fuel into the tank, along with a few pieces of CLEAN gravel or stone, or a handful of ball bearings. Wrap tank up firmly inside of an old blanket. Place inside of a cement mixer and let it run all afternoon. :D

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Cleaning a Motorcycle Gas Tank that has a rusty interior.

I owned a Motorcycle dealership in New York for Triumph, BSA, and Norton from 1966 to 1987 and had many customers rebuilding motorcycles. Some needed a gas tank cleaned out. The product that we used was PROTECK (spelling?) It was very thick, like molasses, and after you cleaned the tank as best as you can, you poured it in the tank and rolled the tank around and then let it dry. This product also seals a porous tank. This product was rated very high by Cycle World Magazine. We loved it. Frank Anderson

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