Riding Southern Utah

by Bill Gade
June 17, 2016 2 Comments
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Have you ever ridden in southern Utah or a similar area? If so, we'd love to hear any of your thoughts, tips, or suggestions.



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261 to Mexican Hat from 95

My friends and I rode this last year, it takes you down the Moki Dugway.If you know how to ride you should have no problem even though it's gravel except for the switchback turns because they have to rebuild it after a big rain. This was one highlight of the trip to Mexican Hat we talk about a lot, it's amazing and a must do. 7 leaving next month to go again, can't wait.Ride Safe Bob

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Southern Utah adventures

I love to ride this area. It has been two years since I was there last but I want to return again. I want to make a point of doing the Moki Dugway next time. I have been in April and June the last two times. Like the article says May is probably the best time to go before Memorial Day. I was in sub freezing temps in April and hit 111 degrees in June. Last time I was there I picked up 191 in southern Arizona and camped along the way. For a Florida boy this is riding at it's best.

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