Riding in Bad Weather Quiz

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The thrill of the open air and road means more exposure to changing weather. Test your knowledge of riding in challenging conditions.

by ARN Staff
January 20, 2016 6 Comments
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The thrill of the open air and road means more exposure to changing weather. Test your knowledge of riding in challenging conditions.
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Riding in bad weather quiz

This had some great tips. The first time I took it, I only got 5 out 10 right. Thank you for the information, I think its quite valuable!!

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I will not ride in the rain, unless forced to, but glad to see my score 10 out of 10.

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Wet weather

It was pretty much common sence

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riding tips

I've been riding over thirty years and no accidents but a lot of near misses with both men and women cell phone drivers, yesterday a woman was behind my car driving and holding her cell phone to her ear and waving her other hand around, so I taped my breaks and her world changed as she dropped her cell phone. So you may want to add the cell phone issue as a reminder in your ad's..

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Question #7

Actually, when crossing slick patches of ice you do not want to tap your brakes repeatedly OR use your feet as "outriggers." Moving your feet from the pegs will tend to change the center of balance and CG, which can destabilize the motorcycle and lead to a fall. In addition, if there is insufficient traction for two motorcycle tires weighed down with bike and rider, it is highly unlikely that the rider's boots will have any more effect, other than possibly lead to a fall. The best option is to use better judgement and not to ride when there is ice.

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Where do you want to keep your motorcycle positioned when riding

What happens when you pass something that blocks the wind? You go off the road! If you're in the middle, you have time to correct it.

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