Meet the Allstate Ride for Awareness rider Nate Hudson.

I started riding a motorcycle when I was 16. Since then I’ve done a lot of traveling on two wheels over the past twenty years. I’m eager to start the Allstate Ride for Awareness to hopefully make a positive impact for riders. I’ll be riding an Indian Roadmaster across the country on behalf of Allstate to help make the road safer for everyone. I’ll be asking the DMV headquarters in every state to add one question to their state driver’s curriculum highlighting the importance of sharing the road with motorcycle riders. It’s great to be a part of a program that spreads the message of safety not only for motorcycles, but for cars as well.

My hope is to inspire other motorists to learn ways to watch out for us, because there’s no room for error on two wheels. Three motorcyclists get killed at intersections every day1. You’ve got to be ready when a car turns left in front of you, and know how to deal with different things on the road. We hope to make a real impact by saving lives. Making everyone on the road aware is the key goal of the Allstate Ride for Awareness.

I’m planning to photograph my ride as I go. When you reflect upon a photo you take, it has the power to bring you back to that moment. On this trip, I’ll be shooting lots of black and white photos. I’ll also be taking pictures of new people I meet along my journey.

I’m looking forward to riding in places I haven’t before like Hawaii, New Orleans and Mount Rushmore. More than that, I’m excited to share my trip with all of you guys and hear reactions of what I’m experiencing on the website. I’m nervous that I’ll get a flat tire, that a critter1 will jump in front of me in the middle of nowhere, that maneuvering city streets on a large motorcycle will be challenging. Getting through it and sharing my time on the road is what’s going to make this journey more epic. I’m walking away from my normal way of life for 111 days, and I can’t wait.


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