The Allstate Motorcycle Sweepstakes

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by Cheri Welk and Rick Fairless
September 11, 2015 2 Comments

Cheri Welk had not even gotten her motorcycle license yet when she entered the contest to win the Custom Rick Fairless Allstate Victory Vegas 8-Ball. “My friend wanted to check out the booth while we were in Sturgis together last fall,” says Welk, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “Of course they had the beautiful bikes on display, so I registered.”

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March 12, 2015 22 Comments

Every year, Allstate gives away a customized bike. This year it’s a collaboration between two bike builders: Cory Ness and Rick Fairless. Zach Ness, son of Cory, shares his father’s side of the process.

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Darren Devlin hasn’t ridden a motorcycle in 20 years. But thanks to Allstate and Arlen Ness, this TSA employee was able to throw a leg over his dream bike and ride into the sunset, a motorcyclist once again.

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